Kevin Patrick Mostyn Family - Person Sheet
Kevin Patrick Mostyn Family - Person Sheet
NameRobert 'the Devout' FITZHARDING, 24G Grandfather
FatherHarding Of Gloucestershire (~1060->1125)
1Eve FITZESTMOND, 24G Grandmother
FatherEstmond (~1074-)
MotherGodiva (~1076-)
ChildrenMaurice FitzRobert (~1120-1190)
Web Notes notes for Robert 'the Devout' FITZHARDING
Cokayne's "Complete Peerage" (Berkeley, pp. 124-125), (Giffard, p.639. note c). Called "the devout". He is said to have been a merchant at Bristol, and of great wealth and influence, received from [the future KING HENRY II, the castle and honor of Berkeley. In 1168 he entertained, at Bristol, DERMOT MAC MURROUGH, KING OF LEINSTER, on his arrival to solicit succor from KING HENRY II.

Robert Fitzharding. 1095 to 1170.
Robert was the eldest son of Harding and succeeded him in his estates and in the office of Praepositus at Bristol. He rendered important services both with arms and money to the Empress Maud, daughter of Henry I, and her son Henry Plantagenet, afterwards Henry II, in their contest for the Crown with the usurper Stephen, to recompense which, Henry, on the ultimate success of his party, bestowed upon Robert the great Manor and Barony of Berkeley, which had been previously held from the crown by Roger (called Roger de Berkeley) the lord of Dursley. Roger however for some time held his inheritance by force of arms, and to settle the dispute the king gave Roger the Manor of Dursley in fee, on condition of his surrendering Berkeley to Robert; a double marriage was also arranged between the two families, Robert's eldest son Maurice marrying Alice the daughter of the Lord of Dursley, while Roger's son espoused one of the daughters of Robert Fitzharding. After this they all seemed to have lived in peace, and the new lord of Berkeley took quiet possession of his castle and manors.
In 1140, Robert commenced the long series of benefactions to the church for which his family were so remarkable, by building and endowing the monastery of St. Augustine at Bristol, the church of which is now the Cathedral. It was consecrated and dedicated on Easter Day 1148, when Robert laid upon the high altar his deed of gift by which he endowed it with many fair manors and lands, which still form the endowment of the Bishopric. He died in 1170, and was buried in St. Augustine's, in a monk's habit and cowl, having some time previously become a regular Canon therein.
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