Kevin Patrick Mostyn Family - Person Sheet
Kevin Patrick Mostyn Family - Person Sheet
NameGorm 'the Old' Of Jutland King Of Denmark, 32G Grandfather
1Thyri KLACKSDOTTIR, 32G Grandmother
ChildrenGunnhild Of Denmark (~895->970)
 Harald* 'Bluetooth' (~910-986)
Web Notes notes for Gorm 'the Old' Of Jutland King Of Denmark
Gwyn Jones' "A History of the Vikings" (p 94), identifies him as the father of Gunhild, and the son of Hardegon of Northmannia, son of Svein. This ancestry is based upon the statements of Adam of Bremen, the earliest and best authority, who quotes Gorm's great-great-grandson on the matter.
Stuart's "Royalty For Commoners" (368:32), (369:39). says of him: King of Denmark 883-941; King of East Anglia, 905-918; King of Seeland by conquest; and by marriage, of Jutland, c880; opponent of Christianity. Stuart gives his father as Harald Parcus (?!).
The date of 958 for his death was derived from dendrochronological analysis of his coffin.
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