Kevin Patrick Mostyn Family - Person Sheet
Kevin Patrick Mostyn Family - Person Sheet
NameGuaire Aidni 'the Hospitable' 14th King Of Connacht, 37G Grandfather
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The Celts were a tribal people, with little or no idea of nationhood. Loyalty was primarily to the tribe. Good leaders often managed to get several tribes to form alliances and, in this way, their combined influence was extended over a larger area. Thus, during the reign of Guaire, a chieftain of the Ui Fiachrach, who became King of Connaught early in the second half of the seventh century, his influence was felt from the Shannon to the river Moy, flowing into Killala Bay.210

Guaire had his royal residence in what is now the town of Gort. After him, the place was called Gort Inse Guaire, or, the field or territory of the island of Guaire. The castle of Dunguaire (the fortress of Guaire) in Kinvara is also called after him. King Guaire was renowned for his hospitality and his patronage of poets, scholars, hermits and monasteries. The poets of the time said that Guaire's right hand gradually grew longer than his left hand from frequency of use in giving alms and gifts.210

From him the town of Gort was called Insi Guara, or the Island of Guara, it being his royal residence.184

Famous for his patronage of the learned classes and for his generosity. His reign corresponds with the greatest extent of Iu Fiachrach power. His main fort was called Rath Durlas, which was on the site of the present day Dunguaire Castle, the name meaning Guaire's forst. He had another at Gort Inse Guaire, later a castle of the O'Shaughnessy family. Guaire granted land to St Colman MacDuagh, his cousin to found a monastery, Kilmacduagh, which still exists today. At his zenith, his power extended into Thomond and Corcomroe. On Pentecost 645 he fought the battle of Carn Conaill against the Ui Neill, in which he and his ally the King of Munster were defeated. His wife may have been Creide, the famous lover of Dinertach.9
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