Kevin Patrick Mostyn Family - Person Sheet
Kevin Patrick Mostyn Family - Person Sheet
NameHamelin Of Anjou Plantagenet DE WARENNE 5th Earl Of Surrey, 24G Grandfather
MotherAla TALVAS (~1124-1174)
ChildrenIda (~1154-)
 Maud (~1164-~1212)
 William* (-1240)
Web Notes notes for Hamelin Of Anjou Plantagenet DE WARENNE 5th Earl Of Surrey
Assumed the name of Warren and became the Earl of Surrey, Vicomte of Touraine. (

The fifth earl was Hamelin Plantagenet, Henry’s illegitimate half-brother, son of Geoffrey of Anjou. Hamelin seems to have spent more time at his Yorkshire castle than any of the previous earls; he held the earldom for close on forty years, from 1163 until his death in 1202. It  was this period that saw the construction of the great stone keep of the castle and its development as a place suitable for royalty - King John, nephew of Hamelin, did actually stay here in 1201. The cylindrical keep probably dates from around 1180, Hamelin seems to have ordered its construction to his own design, there being no other example of this type of keep anywhere in the country.

The most impressive and best preserved part of Conisbrough Castle is the circular keep, which has six wedge-shaped buttresses placed equidistantly around its circumference. The keep was built by Hamelin Plantagenet, illegitimate half-brother of Henry II, sometime around 1180. The keep, and a circuit of curtain walls that he added soon after, were built on the site of a castle founded at the end of the 11th century by William de Warenne, the first Earl Warenne. Hamelin inherited the title and estates through his marriage to Isabel, daughter of the third Earl Warenne. The design of the keep is unique in this country; the only other similar example was built on Warenne owned land in France and might also have been the work of Hamelin Plantagenet.

Earl Hamelin was one of those who at the council of Northampton denounced Becket as a traitor; he remained faithful to his half-brother, Henry II, during the trouble with the king’s sons, and in Richard I’s absence on the crusade he supported the government against the intrigues of Prince John.
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