Kevin Patrick Mostyn Family - Person Sheet
Kevin Patrick Mostyn Family - Person Sheet
NameEleanor Duchess Of Aquitaine Queen Of England, 24G Grandmother
FatherWilliam X Duke Of Aquitaine (1099-1137)
MotherAenor DE ROCHEFOUCAULD (1103->1130)
ChildrenMarie* (1145-1198)
ChildrenMatilda (1156-1189)
 Eleanor (1162-1214)
 John 'Lackland' (1167-1216)
Web Notes notes for Eleanor Duchess Of Aquitaine Queen Of England
From "Debrett's Kings and Queens of Britain" by David Williamson, ISBN 0-86350-101-X, p. 55:
Crowned Queen of England at Westminster Abbey 19 Dec 1154. In her youth, she was a lady of easy virtue. She was the elder of two daughters of William X, Count of Poitou and Aenor of Chatellerault. Her name is said to have been invented by adding the prefix Ali- to that of her mother (Alienor signifying 'another Aenor'). Her parents both died when she was a child and she was brought up under the care of her grandfather, Duke William IX of Aquitaine, a renowned troubadour.
Heiress of the great house of Aquitaine, she was married first to Louis VII, King of France. She bore him two daughters, but the couple were incompatible Her levity of conduct when she accompanied him to Palestine on crusade, where she is said to have had an affair with Saladin and her uncle, among others, led Louis on their return to seek an annulment on the grounds of consanguinity. Consanguinity and affinity were very convenient grounds to obtain the dissolution of a marriage in the Middle Ages.
Given her freedom she lost no time seducing the Henry, Duke of Normandy and Count of Anjou, who probably saw her as a means of adding Aquitaine to his growing dominions and annoying his enemy the King of France. Eleanor was about 30 and Henry just 19 when they married at Bordeaux in May 1152. Henry was flagrantly unfaithful, and Eleanor was never noted for chasteness, either. As the children grew up the couple grew further apart and Eleanor took a delight in backing first one son then another against his father. He had her imprisoned for 16 years. After his death, she continued to lead a sprightly life and again visited the eastern Mediterranean when she escorted Berengaria of Navarre on part of the journey to marry her son Richard. Eleanor lived to see her favorite son John ascend the throne, and she died at age 82.

It seems likely that her son Richard was homosexual. Eleanor was probably aware of her son's weakness and hastened to join him with a young bride. Her choice fell on Berengaria of Navarre, whose own brother had probably been one of Richard's early lovers. The marriage took place in Cyprus and was followed immediately by Berengaria's coronation as Queen of England.

In Mar 1199 King Richard was laying siege to the town of Chalus in Limousin. One morning while riding before the town walls, Richard was struck on the right shoulder by an arrow loosed from the battlements by a crossbowman. His physician Marchadeus made a bungling job of removing the arrow and the wound turned gangrenous. The King died on 6 Apr, nursed at the last by his mother Queen Eleanor.
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