Edward White V Family
Edward White V Family
By Judith Mostyn White
Welcome to the family of my husband, Edward White V.

The family of his father, Edward White IV, is primarily American, Scottish, English, Dutch, and German. The family of his mother, Nancy Brucker, is primarily Hungarian and German.

When you click on the Home button, below, it will take you to my husband’s “family card.” To navigate from any family card, you click on the name of the mother, father or child. If you click on the name of the person instead of a parent or child, it will take you to a “person sheet” where interesting details are given, such as wills, census records, newspaper articles, family memories, court cases, etc. ONLY my husband’s ancestors have person sheets, and not every ancestor has one.

This database was created to memorialize his family, to share the results of my family history research, and to make it easy for unknown cousins to connect up with the family.

My family research is far from complete, so changes will be made from time to time. If you think you are related, please contact me. If you notice any mistakes or omissions, please let me know.

Thank you to the people who have shared information on their branch of the family tree.